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By | May 12, 2011 at 6:00 AM

An interview with Portland band, NIYAH. When Eddie, Jason, and Chris call, the band is in the process of dealing with a broken down tour bus. No bus means no way to get to the next gig on time.  So…Eddie, Jason and Chris make the band call the next place they’re having a gig to apologize for being late.


Portland-based alternative experimental rock group NIAYH will be releasing their new self-titled EP on April 23rd. The availability of the seven-song record coincides with the kick-off of their upcoming full US tour, which runs through June.

Since forming in 2007, NIAYH (an acronym for “Now Is All You Have”) previously released one full-length record and toured extensively throughout the western United States. While a rock band at heart, the six-piece draws deep influences from R&B, metal, funk, psychedelic and Latin traditions.

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