Eminem > Kanye in Em’s new album

EMINEM is back! By | August 31, 2018 at 12:49 AM

i’m on my phone.

But needed to post becuz this is important to say:

EMINEM just dropped a brand new FULL album.

Yes, some of us music ppl knew something was in the works.  But a full album without any promo – or music industry LEAKS is f’n rare these days.

And from a MUSIC standpoint.   I need to say.

Eminem > Kanye West

…as far as their new albums go (Yes Kanye had an EP  stfu i know that)

Kanye went experimental with his EP I guess?  It was fine.  I liked it more than some ppl out there who i still believe didn’t like it bc just a week before Kanye supported Trump (sort of?)

But EM has some f’n TRACKS here.

“The Ringer” absolutely CRUSHES!!!

“Kamikaze” showcases all the Em elements we’ve come to love since the Marshall days

And believe me.  I thought Em’s so called  Anti-Trump “diss” track was bullshit.  Em was better than that.  It wasn’t in one take.  It was clearly edited.  Plus he didn’t add anything new. Eminem was barely creative during it.  It sucked.  Oh wow he said F Trump?  Great.  Anyone can say that. This is Eminem we’re talking about

and guess what?  New Eminem within 17 mins of listening to it?   Is damn good.  Much better than  Kanye’s new one


(i could link to the new album but really just be happy i’m posting from my phone – stop whining – spotify the album)