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Premiere: We’re ‘Losing The Light’ with The Nightmare Police’s New EP

We’ve got that punk rock vibe, thanks to The Nightmare Police. The band adds a rough around the edges sound to contemporary punk, for a fierce sound that’s exactly what you’d expect out of a band called The Nightmare Police.

“This record is a culmination of the 3 of us taking all of our emotions and putting it down on paper. We sing about everything from heartbreak to loss to friendships to addiction. These are things we’ve gone through and seen others we love go through. We tried to make the record personal but also hope that people relate to it. Blood, sweat and tears went into this and we hope you enjoy!”

Today, we’re dropping the band’s brand new EP, Losing The Light. The collection won’t hit shelves until tomorrow (6/9), but you can rock out to it all day long below. Hit play, and we promise, a collection this good won’t cause any nightmares.