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Premiere: We’re “Gold Coast Dreaming” with Pet Fangs’ Debut Track

Photo: Steven Taylor

We love new bands, and we know you do too, so allow us to introduce you to Pet Fangs. On top of having a cool name, the four piece group has experience playing for acts like Baby Bee and Ryan Adams—and they’re bringing it all to their new project.

With their debut single, “Gold Coast Dreaming”, they show off their adventurous and timeless sound that’ll become an instant classic. We have the exclusive first listen of the song below, for idobi.com listeners. Check it out, and let us know what you think on Twitter!

“The process of writing the song started with us playing darts at our studio, listening to a Charlotte Gainsbourg record and writing down any little phrases that came to our minds. We eventually picked up instruments and I locked in on a few words that Jory had written down. By the time we left that night we had the first verse and chorus worked out. Jory and Dave got together one night and came up with the ‘no more dancing’ part. I wrote the other verses and then we all went up to our favorite studio in Louisiana called Dockside Studio – there we overdubbed drums and went crazy with the keys and guitar parts.” – Joe Stark of Pet Fangs