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Premiere: Visit the ‘Glasshouse’ with bedbugs Dynamite Sophomore EP

Welcome to bedbugs sophomore EP, where you’ll remember what it’s like to fall head over heels for music again. Turn up the volume, grab your best friends, and don’t be afraid to dance, because the noise pop offerings on Glasshouse are about to steal your heart.

Bringing in elements of rock, indie, and grunge, there’s something for everyone on the five song collection. It won’t drop until tomorrow (4/28), but we’re so excited about it, we’ve teamed up with the band to bring you an early stream. You can thank us later, because for now we know you’ll be rocking too damn hard to think about anything but your new favorite band, and pre-ordering your copy of the EP here.

“The EP focuses on fears and anxieties – a series of “what if” thoughts and “I” statements. We went into the studio with Misha Hercules and Dennis Herring, and it was really great. The vibe of the sessions that made up this record was really relaxed and we kind of got to play around with whatever we liked. This record is a step in a different direction for us, due in part to the fact that this is our first release as a four-piece band with Vlad on guitar and keys. That addition specifically enabled us to expand on our sound and make everything sound bigger.” – Alex Johnson, vocals/guitar