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Premiere: Don’t Be “Clueless” About Bukowski’s New Video

Australian pop punk is having a moment right now (looking at you, With Confidence), and the latest band to join the line up is Bukowski. Today, we’re bringing you the group’s latest track, “Clueless”.

After releasing their debut EP, grow up. give up. let go., and pulling over 80,000 streams on Spotify, Bukowski is on the fast track to pizza parties and pop punk success. Check ’em out for yourself below!

“Clueless is probably one of the oldest songs we wrote and is actually the first song we recorded with our producer Jack Newlyn. We thought it needed a little more work and that’s why it didn’t make the EP, the song is about stepping back and realizing that someone you thought you knew isn’t actually that person while coming to terms with the fact that all the times you defended them were all for nothing.” – James Karagiozis (Lead Singer / Guitarist – Bukowski)