Rise Rock n’ Shine: Mute Choir + The Slow Readers Club

By | January 23, 2020 at 10:00 AM

Grab the pop-tarts and the tunes,

it’s time to Rise Rock n’ Shine…

Who: Mute Choir found its way into the world by way of an identity crisis—which is ironic, because the Canadian act has fostered a truly original sound.

What: Trying not to “What-If?” yourself out of your dreams is hard. “Shadowboxing” understands.

Why: “Shadowboxing” is a light, dreamy tune until it breaks into a chorus catchy enough you’ll be singing along for the rest of the day. Look a little closer, though, because there’s more than meets the ear when you dive into the lyrics.

FFO: idobi Anthm

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Who: The new year has just begun, but Manchester’s The Slow Readers Club is already making the most of it. Within a month, the band already has an album on the books, a new single just released, and an tour on the horizon.

What: The first song from their forthcoming collection, “All I Hear”.

Why: “All I Hear” is an indie track with a big sound. This is the kind of song that stops in your tracks when you first hear it, rather for the atmospheric beats or the prominent vocals. Either way, turn it up and enjoy.

FFO: idobi Anthm

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