idobi’s Largest Headasses of the 2010s

#idobiLUVSthe2010s By | December 27, 2019 at 2:00 PM

Man, the 2010s have had some awful people. Awful may even be an understatement, so we’re going to go with Headass for this list. Find out who our staff have crowned their supreme Headass of the decade—we’re sure you don’t even need to scroll to know who the reigning President of Headassery is (and this is the only time he actually got the majority vote).

I will not speak his name. 
–Eddie Barella, Program and Music Director & host of It’s News to Us

Kanye West
–Sherin Nicole, Chief Creative Officer and CMO & host of Geek Girl Riot

Bill DeBlasio 
–Fish, Programming Assistant & host of Gone Fishkin

The one in the White House
–Alex Bear, Senior Editor & host of Geek Girl Riot

Is this even a contest? Donald Trump by a longshot (2015–present)
–Patrick Walford, Howl Music Director & host of Rock the Walls

Mike Pence
–Scott Waldman, host of Waldman’s Words

I don’t know what this means, Trump for Asshat though… right?
–Brett Davern, host of The Brett Davern Show & Radioactive Dads

Extreme liberals and extreme conservatives
–Wesam Keesh, host of Wesam’s World

Have we ever had a bigger asshat than our current President?
–Shawn Kupfer, host of Metal DNA

The annoying orange in the White House
–Emillie Marvel, Podcast Producer/Specialist

Nick Major
–Tommy Wooldridge, Video Director

I don’t think there is just one that could be named
–Aud Lew, Events and Live Activations Manager

Ronnie Radke (2012 – present?)
–Sam Devotta, Book Reviews Editor & host of Geek Girl Riot

Going for the obvious, but Trump.
–Alice Meichi Li, writer

George Zimmerman
–Joe DeAndrea, writer