Premiere: We’re “Falling” For WYO’s New Song

By | October 11, 2017 at 2:00 PM

Today’s premiere has created a whole atmosphere for you to get lost in. As the soft indie rock hum of WYO’s “Falling” starts to play, you’ll be whisked away to someplace new, the breeze in your hair and the sun bright in your eyes; leaving the world behind like a forgotten dream. The bass will make your heart skip in time to the beat, but the gently uplifting melody soothes and keeps you moving forward. WYO singer-songwriter Andy Sorge describes the recording process of “Falling”:

“‘Falling’ is a song about a fast paced romance. Once we had the track recorded we started rehearsing it, and [guitarist] Pelle came up with this really catchy guitar hook that wasn’t recorded in the song. [Producer] Brad was in the final stages of mixing the track, so we rushed over to his place and added the reoccurring guitar line last minute. Thanks, Brad!”

This track will be part of WYO’s upcoming full length, which is due out next year. For now, hit play and don’t look back, ’cause it’s just you and wherever the song leads. With “Falling” by your side, you’ve got new sights to explore, singing, “She wanted to see the world outside of youth…”