there's no one new around you


It’s a dream, but one you have with your eyes open. It’s the past, present, and future. It’s an introspective thought session. It’s pronoun’s debut EP.


Braveheart EP

Ray Hodge

Fish from Gone Fishkin here to give you an audio review of Ray Hodge’s new EP Braveheart!



The Sore Losers

Whether you listen on a trip to the grocery store, while studying for a midterm, or while dancing alone in your room, Skydogs is a fun journey you’ll make time and again.


Chit Chat

Beach Weather

Dear Beach Weather, you drove me crazy with that (new EP). From the very first track, you guys have not only knocked the ball out of the park, but out of the whole frigging galaxy


Throw Your Head to the World! EP

Boat Race Weekend

Boat Race Weekend’s pop-punk/emo EP is the perfect autumn album.


Transit Blues

The Devil Wears Prada

In a world where hardcore is distorted, misused, and overdone, it’s refreshing to find an album that’s honest.


Out of the Badlands

Aaron Gillespie

Aaron Gillespie offers something for everyone on his acoustic release, Out of the Badlands.


13 Voices

Sum 41

Stand up, underdogs: it’s time to fight back, and with 13 Voices, now we’ve got the soundtrack to march to.


Upside Down

Set It Off

Set It Off’s third full length album is as colorful and out of control as the bounce house in their video for “Something New”, and has a perspective that can only come from viewing the world Upside Down for awhile.


Light We Made

Balance and Composure

If you see clouds rolling in, and rain starting to fall, never fear—you’re just witnessing the arrival of Balance and Composure’s new album Light We Made.