Kali EP

Emily Bell & the Talkbacks

Back with a new sound, and invoking the Hindu goddess of destruction, Emily Bell set some high expectations with her new Kali EP.


Snake Hill EP


New Jersey-based Wyland dropped their Snake Hill EP last month and it’s everything we want in an alternative rock album.


Life Like An Anchor

The Upset Victory

The Upset Victory are a seduction you’ll be powerless to resist—and you won’t even want to try.



Super American

Making super American pop punk that’ll have you saying #relatable at every turn, the New York musicians just released an album that’ll remind you of summer 2017 for years to come.


Lovely, Little, Lonely

The Maine

Here’s to now, and to nothing else, because The Maine’s Lovely, Little, Lonely is finally here. If they can figure out how to top this one, it’ll be time to crown them the kings of alternative rock.


The Upswing

Mime Game

Mime Game, the new project of Josephine Collective’s Dillon DeVoe, has just repainted the picture of pop rock, and added in some pretty spectacular highlights.


The Heights

Knox Hamilton

Knox Hamilton haven’t invented the wheel with their debut release, but they’ve made it fly. Not a moment on the album feels rushed, unclear, or unorganized. It’s the quality of work that sets Knox apart from the crowd.


Stay Right Where You Are

Such A Mess

Such A Mess’ new EP ‘Stay Right Where You Are’ stays true to their DIY ethos while giving them the freedom to explore darker sounds and subjects.


I Still Hate You EP

The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line is like your favorite comfort food: reliable and enjoyable and just what you need on a dreary winter day.



Figure Eight

In a world of disarray and a political system that’s surely failing us, the first thing this world needs is soul-saving punk rock.