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The Decoration – Anywhere Is Home: Album Review

Released: // /10

After the announcement that Australian pop group Ellington were going on an indefinite hiatus, fans were almost immediately given the news that singer Jake Bosci had a new project, The Decoration, and that he had teamed up with fellow vocalist Rhian Thomas to record with Matt Malpass (Lydia, Rookie of the Year). The EP that emerged from those sessions is titled Anywhere Is Home, and if you’re looking for that perfect pop sound to be the soundtrack to your summer, then look no further.

Kicking off with the appropriately titled “Summer, Summer,” The Decoration instantly show us what they’re all about – sugary pop rock songs that make you long for beaches and the warm days of summer (and maybe even summer love!).  The last track on the EP, “Heavy Hearts,” showcases Bosci’s incredible ability as a lyricist and pop songwriter, with lyrics like “My eyelids feel like anchors, it doesn’t matter / as long as I’m with you,” while the instrumentals build into the energetic chorus, then bring us back down with his hushed vocals.

Lyrics of affection, love, and summer are a common trend on Anywhere Is Home, and although that might not make it for everyone, fans of very well-crafted pop music will adore this EP. The upbeat melodies could see fans of The Ready Set, Breathe Electric, or Owl City falling in love. Anywhere Is Home shines with positivity and optimism, and is guaranteed to be perfect for those hot summer days.

Rating: 4/5

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About Tarynn Law

Tarynn Law, a senior at the University of Minnesota studying communications, business, and cultural studies survives off of vast amounts of pizza, coffee, and live music. She spends her days telling people exactly what her chest tattoo says and explaining just why she's willing to travel all over the country to see her favorite bands.