Atomic Blonde

David Leitch

Atomic Blonde is a Molotov cocktail that shakes your senses and goes BOOM!



Kathryn Bigelow

You’ll see a well-made piece of cinema from one of the best auteur directors in Hollywood, but is the trauma worth the cost of admission?


Coast Modern

Coast Modern

Coast Modern brings the sound of summer to our headphones, no matter what the weather’s like outside.


Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

Luc Besson

Valerian is a spectacle-level space opera that needs to be seen on a big screen, despite some wonky casting choices.


I Believe in a Thing Called Love

Maurene Goo

Desi Lee is good at everything except talking to boys, but when she meets the cute and artsy Luca Drakos, she makes a plan to follow the K-Drama Steps to True Love.



Christopher Nolan

So let’s dive right in (intentional pun) this is an aquatic epic after all. This is a HUGE movie.


Last Young Renegade

All Time Low

With the release of Last Young Renegade we are finally able to map the journey this band has been on for the past two years.


Spider-Man: Homecoming

Jon Watts

This is the best SPIDER-MAN we’ve seen, both actor and story.



Bong Joon Ho

‘Okja’ weaves a modern fable, entwining us with quirky charm to ultimately pierce our apathy with an unflinching needle.


Baby Driver

Edgar Wright

If the Rolling Stones made a heist movie it’d be Baby Driver; it’s got the swagger, sexiness, and the car stereo turned all the way up.