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Top Songs for the week ending October 17, 2014

  1. 1LightsUp We GoLights
  2. 2The Madden BrothersWe Are DoneThe Madden Brothers
  3. 3Real FriendsI Don't Love You AnymoreReal Friends
  4. 4We Are The In CrowdMannersWe Are The In Crowd
  5. 5Marianas TrenchPop 101Marianas Trench
  6. 6Candy HeartsAll The Ways You Let Me DownCandy Hearts
  7. 7Fall Out BoyCenturiesFall Out Boy
  8. 8The MaineUgly On The InsideThe Maine
  9. 9All Time LowThe Irony Of Choking On A LifesaverAll Time Low
  10. 10Cobra StarshipNever Been In LoveCobra Starship
  11. 11PvrisMy HousePvris
  12. 12PVRISSt. PatrickPVRIS
  13. 13New Found GlorySelflessNew Found Glory
  14. 14New Found GloryReady and WillingNew Found Glory
  15. 15The Word AliveLighthouseThe Word Alive
  16. 16Gerard WayNo ShowsGerard Way
  17. 17Gerard WayAction CatGerard Way
  18. 18Lower Than AtlantisEmilyLower Than Atlantis
  19. 19MarmozetsBorn Young And FreeMarmozets
  20. 20Our Last NightFalling Away (Acoustic)Our Last Night
  21. 21The Big TimeRise or RuinThe Big Time
  22. 22The Ready SetHigherThe Ready Set
  23. 23Forever Came CallingMapping With a Sense of DirectionForever Came Calling
  24. 24YellowcardOne BedroomYellowcard
  25. 25Metro StationLove & WarMetro Station
  26. 26Set It OffWhy WorrySet It Off
  27. 27The Madden BrothersCalifornia RainThe Madden Brothers
  28. 28The Baby GrandNote To SelfThe Baby Grand
  29. 29frnkiero andthe cellabrationWeightedfrnkiero andthe cellabration
  30. 30Jimmy Eat WorldThe MiddleJimmy Eat World
  31. 31I the MightyLove Your SinI the Mighty
  32. 32Knuckle PuckOak StreetKnuckle Puck
  33. 33Blink-182First DateBlink-182
  34. 34Relient KSadie Hawkins DanceRelient K
  35. 35LIGHTSRunning With The BoysLIGHTS
  36. 36Good CharlotteLifestyles Of The Rich And FamousGood Charlotte
  37. 37Taking Back SundayTimberwolves At New JerseyTaking Back Sunday
  38. 38ThursdayUnderstanding In A Car CrashThursday
  39. 39Brand NewMix TapeBrand New
  40. 40The Get Up KidsI'm A Loner Dottie, A RebelThe Get Up Kids
  41. 41Taking Back SundayYou Know How I DoTaking Back Sunday
  42. 42Taking Back SundayThere's No 'I' In TeamTaking Back Sunday
  43. 43Brand NewLogan To Government CenterBrand New
  44. 44MidtownBecome What You HateMidtown
  45. 45SugarcultStuck In AmericaSugarcult
  46. 46FinchPost ScriptFinch
  47. 47Something CorporateIf You C JordanSomething Corporate
  48. 48Against The CurrentAnother You (Another Way)Against The Current
  49. 49The Starting LineLeavingThe Starting Line
  50. 50Blink-182The Rock ShowBlink-182