Should Have Taken Easier Classes

httpvh:// I should have taken the easy classes during my final semester. After 3 years of documenting my law school experience, the series finale will air on Tuesday, May 15!

Law School Graduation Speaker Nominations

httpvh:// I have been nominated as one of the top five condenders to speak at my law school graudation by my fellow 3Ls. This week, the 3Ls wil vote one of us to be their commencement speaker. Below is one of the videos I made to get nominated. httpvh://

Spring Break Overachievers

httpvh:// I am not a fan of the overachievers who would rather study in the library than party.

You Got to Love Those Sex Cases

httpvh:// You no longer need to watch Gossip Girl or 90210 to get your drama fix. Just open up your family law test book to get all the sex drama you can handle.

Law Student Fitness

httpvh:// Since Barristers Ball is six weeks away and Spring Break is two weeks away, the law students have decided to get in shape.


httpvh:// Law School is almost over and I’ve developed a case of Lawyeritis.

Law School Speed Dating

httpvh:// In some courses you will have the opportunity to parnter up with classmates. You should use these as mini speed dates and see if you can make something happen with your partner. Year 3 Semester 2 Week 4

Law School Performance Classes

httpvh:// Is it beneficial to amaze your performance professor on the first assignment, or is it better to make a mediocre first impression?