Gunz on The Grammys!

By | February 13, 2017 at 8:54 AM

So how about those Grammy’s last night?

First off, I don’t understand the hype for Beyonce…  she can definitely sing but holy God that took a lot of me to watch last night during her performance.   I’ve also found that if you criticize Beyonce, it usually doesn’t bode well so I fully expect to get backlash from her “Beyhive” fans, similar to whenever I criticize or rip Taylor Swift.

Somebody definitely lost their job last night – multiple people I presume, because of all the tech glitches…

Adele really needs to stop performing at awards shows – this is the 3rd tech mishap that she has had…   people are praising her for stopping and re-starting her George Michael “Fast Lane,” rendition…  as if that was something special or praiseworthy.  How about getting it right the first time, Adele?   Not being harsh but I mean yo.. this is the freaking Grammys – get on board.

Not sure how she won album of the year though – I thought that she go to Beyonce.

Not mad about Cage the Elephant winning Best Rock Album… would have LOVED to of seen Blink 182 win it… simply because it would have been hilarious to envision Tom Delonge at home, seeing a band that he helped create and curate, win their FIRST EVER Grammy… without him being a part of it.   Also Brendon Urie is the best damn singer in our, “Scene,” bar none.

FInally. PROPS AND CONGRATS to my buddies in Twenty One Pilots.   Great job and well deserved Award.  They rule and are still some of the nicest and realest dudes out there.  Here’s to many more!