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We ♥ when our friends get together and make cool music—like Civil Youth, who have headed back into the studio to make a brand new album titled Conversations. The collection is set to be released in May of 2017, which left us very impatient.

Since we're not great at waiting (and we know you probably aren't either), the guys have decided to make the time pass a little faster with updates on their studio adventures. Exclusively on, you can check out video diaries about the recording of their forthcoming album up until its release. (You can thank us later.)

In this week's episode, get acquainted with the band and check out where they're recording the album. Watch out for another episode of "Making Conversation" next week!

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"'Making Conversation: Studio Updates from Civil Youth' is a mini documentary series depicting Civil Youth's time in the studio recording our 3rd full length album, 'Conversations' which is set for release May 19th, 2017. Through turbulent and some of the best times of our lives, watch what it's like to record parts, talk with the band, and see inside what a day in the studio is like. This series will depict what it's really like to be in a band from all aspects as well as capture the energy of the record itself. 'Conversations', which happens to be a concept album, tells our story of comparing our present day selves to people we once were, as well as people we want to be. This record enhances everything about Civil Youth, and truly lets our voices be heard.

In this first video of the series, our goal is to get those points across. We cannot wait to release the full album, but for now, let your imagination run wild!" - Michael Kepko


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<![CDATA[Exclusive: No More ‘Wishful Thinking’ To Listen To Sunhaze’s New Album, We’re Streaming It Now]]> Wed, 07 Dec 2016 17:00:33 +0000 Tom This summer, we brought you the premiere of Sunhaze's single "Always You". Today, we're... [/imgfull]

This summer, we brought you the premiere of Sunhaze's single "Always You". Today, we're bringing you an exclusive stream of their new album, because we couldn't let you miss out on the stellar collection.

The San Francisco band pulls influence from their California roots into every one of their tracks, making for an atmospheric surf rock/indie pop sound. Check out Wishful Thinking below, and let us know what you think on Twitter!


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<![CDATA[Premiere: Check Out “BFA In Technical Theatre” by Nathan Leigh]]> Wed, 07 Dec 2016 15:30:53 +0000 Tom Because there ain't no rest for the wicked, Nathan Leigh is ready to release... [/imgfull]

Nathan Leigh has a lot going on. Between being a touring musician and theater composer, you can find his credits on plays like Big Money and The Consequences, and on albums like his 2012 release, A Life In Transit.

"At least once a week our generation is blamed for something or other in the press. A few weeks back it was killing the napkin industry. I'm not really sure how that works. Right now papers are falling over themselves trying to explain why Trump is our fault. I'm not really sure how that works either. I wanted to write something sort of poking fun at the trend, and saying it doesn't matter what people say about us; the future's ours..."

Because there ain't no rest for the wicked, Leigh is ready to release another album in 2017 titled Ordinary Eternal Machinery. He's also ready to release a video for his track "BFA In Technical Theatre", which you can stream exclusively below.

"I refuse to accept the argument that we're some kind of lost generation, just because the old systems have failed us. It's up to us to make new systems and new ways of doing things that work for us. The video, shot by the wonderful Matt Weston is a proud celebration of queerness, young love, the American theatre, and general nerdery. Shooting it was some of the most fun I've had in a long time!"

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<![CDATA[(Un)Covered: A Holly Jolly Christmas]]> Wed, 07 Dec 2016 13:00:49 +0000 Tom Get into the holiday spirit with this cover by The Format. “A Holly Jolly Christmas”
Writer: Johnny Marks
Original Release Date: November 1964

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, it’s hard to ignore the holiday joy that retail stores have been pumping out since at least mid-November with their incessant need to play Christmas music.

Personally, I can’t stay mad at being force-fed Christmas cheer when I hear this classic version of “A Holly Jolly Christmas”. It conjures up memories of watching that weird animated Rudolf The Red-Nosed Reindeer special and decorating my house. Actually, the version we’re used to hearing on the radio is a slower rendition, with an acoustic guitar introduction, that Burl Ives recorded for his holiday album the year after he appeared as Sam the Snowman in Rudolf. The instrumentation is fairly simple, with the guitar carrying the whole thing, and the harmonizing choir in the background holding up Ives’ happy-go-lucky vocals. There’s something so old-fashioned about this song, it makes you yearn for a vintage Christmas experience—horse-drawn carriage rides through the snow, crackling fireplaces, and a real tree covered in candy canes and candles.

Before Nate Ruess was singing about Some Nights as fun.’s frontman, he was part of the indie pop band The Format (if you haven’t listened to them yet, drop what you’re doing and check out their 2006 album, Dog Problems. I’ll wait here). Their version is just as cheerful as Ives’ original: again with just a guitar and a tiny piano part, but tambourines take the place of the human choir and you can practically imagine Ruess and Sam Means—the other half of The Format—sitting around a fire jamming out to this song. If the Ives original is vintage Christmas, this one is more folksy—the same imagery, but maybe with cowboy hats instead of Santa’s iconic red hat?

Because Ives and Ruess have such distinctive voices, obviously you’ll hear a difference in the way the lyrics are presented, but both songs have a mellow vibe that manages to wish you happy holidays without throwing tinsel in your face.


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<![CDATA[Premiere: Make Your Day “Soar” with Aria Jay’s New Track]]> Wed, 07 Dec 2016 10:00:43 +0000 Tom We'll be jamming Aria Jay's track all day, and we suggest you do too. [/imgfull]

Aria Jay is anything but new to the music industry. With a past in jazz and classical music reaching back to when she began singing in 2011, the R&B artist is soaring to new heights with her airy indie pop sound.

It makes sense then, that her latest track is titled "Soar". We'll be jamming the track all day, and we suggest you do too. Check it out below!



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<![CDATA[Support Disability Media, Culture, and Community with The Disability Visibility Project]]> Tue, 06 Dec 2016 12:18:52 +0000 Tom Geek Girl Riot's Alice Wong founded The Disability Visibility Project™ (DVP), an online community... [/imgfull]

[blockquotefull]"Visibility is difficult in a world that’s not made for you. Visibility can make you feel vulnerable and unsafe. Visibility is a way of claiming space and identity—it is power."[/blockquotefull]

Geek Girl Riot's Alice Wong is making a great and inspiring difference in increasing the visibility of disabled people, and she wants to take her mission further. In 2014 she founded The Disability Visibility Project™ (DVP), a partnership with StoryCorps and an online community dedicated to recording, amplifying, and sharing disability stories and culture. Alice started the DVP to collect histories of disabled people, to make sure their voices are heard and represented. Championing disability culture and history, the project creates disabled media, publishes essays and guest blog posts, as well as organizes and participates in events, presentations, and panels. And now she wants to reach an even larger audience, with your help.

By donating to the DVP's Patreon page, you'll be making a huge difference—by helping the organization to expand and have a larger impact on the disabled community. Your donation will help to fund guest posts by disabled writers, transcriptions of audio posts for accessibility, as well as events and presentations about disability history, culture, and activism, and so much more. Watch a video from Alice below about supporting the DVP, and donate to her Patreon page here.



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<![CDATA[“Release The Hounds” (+ Trump’s Dance Moves) With The LaFontaines New Video]]> Tue, 06 Dec 2016 10:07:54 +0000 Tom Put on your finest leather jacket, your coolest shades, and get ready to feel... [/imgfull]

Put on your finest leather jacket, your coolest shades, and get ready to feel like a badass this Tuesday. Thanks to Glasgow band The LaFontaines, we have a new video for their killer indie rock track, "Release The Hounds".

As if the song wasn't enough to get your feet tapping and your head bobbing (even though you're totally aware everyone can see you), the video makes it even better. Oh, and be sure to watch out for those Trump mask cameos—they're probably not what you expect.
[youtube] [/youtube]


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<![CDATA[Exclusive: Nominee Announces New EP + Premieres Latest Song “Stay”]]> Fri, 02 Dec 2016 13:00:48 +0000 Tom Forget Christmas, we're counting down to new music from Nominee. If you're like us,... [/imgfull]

Forget Christmas, we're counting down to new music from Nominee. If you're like us and can't wait to hear some fresh sounds by the band, well, we have some pretty great news.

Created by former members of I Call Fives and Thieves, Nominee is crafting genre defying (and hard rocking) sounds that’ll have you craving more—which is exactly what you’re about to get. You didn’t hear it from us (JK, you totally did): the band is announcing the release of a brand new EP, titled Drag Me Out. Produced and recorded by Kory Gables (Major League, I Call Fives), mastered by Bill Henderson, and with pre-production credits to Joseph Milligan of Anberlin, the collection is the next step in Nominee’s career, and will tell a pretty special story.

“The record is about admitting that you're not okay and trusting someone enough to tell them. We collaborate on all of our songs. Usually one of us will bring an idea to the table to get the wheels turning and we'll go from there. Musically, 'Drag Me Out' is a reflection of who we are as a band.”


We couldn’t leave you with that much suspense, though, so on top of delivering the good news, we’re also premiering the band’s new song “Stay”. Read what Chris Mclelland had to say about the track, then hit play below.

“When I was 17 I was diagnosed with Bi Polar disorder. As a naïve teenager, all I knew was that I was given a bunch of medications that made me feel like a zombie and that they scared the hell out of me. At the time, I didn’t really get the disorder or how the mind had so much control over the body. So, after months of questioning it, I stopped taking the medications and spent the next 13 years burying it, pretending that I was fine.  Embarrassed, I continued to hide it, ruining friendships, bands and several dead end jobs while ignoring the real problem. This song is about trusting someone enough to tell them everything, knowing they’ll stay.”



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<![CDATA[Premiere: New Spell’s Latest Video Will “Never Change” (Because It’s All We Wanna Watch)]]> Thu, 01 Dec 2016 13:00:24 +0000 Tom New Spell's ethereal song layers over a visually striking video for an experience you... [/imgfull]

Music is one of the best healers of them all. This idea isn't lost on San Francisco's New Spell. Today, we're bringing you the premiere of the duo's new video for "Never Change".

"Amidst the breakneck speed of modern life, 'Never Change' is about the struggle to recognize that change is constant and continual. Linear time is altered in our visual collage of a video..." 

The ethereal song layers over a visually striking video for an experience you won't soon forget. If you like what you hear, keep an eye out for new music from the band, and feel free to hit replay as many times as you'd like.

"Images of man, machine, and nature illustrate that, when we look at things from another angle, our individual lives can be seen as part of a bigger whole."

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